A professional speaker reel can help you land more gigs, while providing decision-makers with a better sense of what you’re capable of.
Additionally, a well-made reel can help you build your brand and attract new clients.

If you are looking to create a professional speaker reel, Grand Junction 3D can help. We will record high-quality b-roll footage at the event and add custom lower thirds to make your reel look polished and professional.

What is B-roll footage?

B-roll footage makes your professional speaker reel more attractive by providing visual variety. This can be done by alternating between different shots of the same scene or cutting to different scenes altogether. By incorporating b-roll footage, you can help keep your viewers engaged and interested in what they are watching.

What is a lower third?

A lower third is a text or graphic overlay that appears on the lower third of the screen, typically used to identify the speaker or provide additional information.

What makes an interesting speaker sizzle reel?

An exciting speaker sizzle reel captures the audience’s attention and leaves them wanting more. Your speaker sizzle reel will be well-edited, with visual effects that can help you land your next speaking gig.